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Our Brain Children

The power of technology can never seize to amaze. Harnessing everything that it has to offer is what a smart mind wishes to do. We believe technological innovation is an endless spread of tasks. Thus, we at Techcanopy are constructing a huge roof of smartness-packed solutions. The canopy we have established is extensively adding the right ingredients under it.

Innvest CRM

A holistic digital platform for individual as well as corporate financial advisors to seamlessly manage Leads, Prospects and Clients.

Supply Chain Sustainabiity

A comprehensive, periodic auditing tool that is highly customizable to blend to the specific requirements of the company auditing their supply chain.

Smart Energy Manager

A robust, customizable and ISO 50001 based cloud platform with unprecedented visibility across all energy consumption areas of an organization

Community Connect

A mobile based platform to digitally centralize security, management & communication in a gated community

Our Technology Services

We leverage our immense technology expertise and strategic capabilities to build wide range of business and technology solutions. We align our engineering knowledge base with our customer’s detailed business requirements to bring about most value out of our software solutions.

Cloud Migration & Support

Harness the powerhouse of Cloud computing and Services. We help you migrate your application to cloud for better digital presence thereby enabling you to take full advantage of cloud computing

Managed DevOps

Manage your infrastructure, deployment and operation in a whole new way. Our DevOps team help you automate most of the day to day activates which saves time, money and remove manual errors.

Mobile Apps

We provide solutions to your distinct problems at the tip of your fingers. We have expertise to help you in taking a relook at your business by enabling you to embrace technology with your very own mobile applications.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

We provide consulting services in Enterprise Architecture by giving insights in to industry best practices and in leveraging the current technological trends to suit your business.

Domain Footprints

Banking & Finance

Robust technical solutions for independent financial advisors and organizations for streamlined client onboarding, portfolio planning, wealth management, revenue model management.


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Energy & Sustainability

Enterprise solutions for enhancing organizations’ energy consumption, monitoring and analysis.

Digitized platforms for evaluating supply chain and maintain sustainable eco-system using technology.


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Next Gen CRM

CRM business solutions aimed at easing the process of people management and thereby increase sales and marketing efficiency


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Simple digital platforms for new businesses to launch sooner. Spanning across multiple logistical and technical requirements, our ecommerce solutions have been appreciated far and wide.


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